The River highlights: Zweli and Lindiwe's marriage woes

Is it just us or is The River heating up?

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If it’s not Sheree Jacobson and her devious ways, it’s Oupa and Cobra desperately trying to get back on their feet – and there’s always drama involved. This week, the 1Magic telenovela has left us with so many questions. In case you’ve missed all the action, here’s a recap to bring you up to speed.

Zweli and Lindiwe’s marriage is under threat

We hope we’re not the only ones who are mad at Sheree right now. For some reason, the fake has managed to turn Zweli and Lindiwe against each other. It all started when she showed Lindiwe pictures of herself in bed with Zweli. As you might recall,  Zweli was drugged and doesn’t even remember sleeping with Sheree. 

While we’re all rooting for the police commissioner and believe him when he says he did nothing with Sheree, his wife, on the other hand, seems convinced that he cheated on her. 

You’d think she’d at least try to hear him out and get his side of the story. But no, she insists that he’s in the wrong and believes a woman that she’s only known for a short while. And it doesn’t help that Sheree can put on an act and pretend like she’s a victim.

Now we’re all just wondering if Lindiwe and Zweli will survive this storm. Will Sheree have her way? Your guess is as good as ours.

This scene from this week just proves how tense things are between the couple.

Is Oupa and Cobra’s bakery business doomed?

Oupa & Cobra

Just like the rest of the country, we were very excited when Warren Masemola joined The River. The award-winning actor, who plays an ex-convict named Oupa on the show, is fast becoming one of our favourite characters. No one was as happy as we were when Oupa and Cobra decided to team up and open a bakery. This would mean they’re getting a second chance in life. Great, right?

Well, not really. It seems their business is doomed, and instead of opening doors for them, it’s creating problems. They’ve found themselves in a situation where they had to bribe a warden to get a tender. This has been their biggest headache and Cobra has had to go as far as borrowing money from a loan shark. And, by the look of things, the woman he asked for money doesn’t seem like she takes nonsense from anyone. 


The deal required the business partners to come up with an idea to deliver 200 loaves of bread to the prison. It’s a great deal, to be honest. But there’s a catch – they also have to share some of that money with the warden. 

How greedy! 

While they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to deliver the order because they didn’t have the capacity to do so, Malefu and her friends have offered to help. So, maybe they'll pull this off after all, despite all the drama surrounding the deal.

Did you miss out on the episodes from this week? Don’t stress,  because you can still binge-watch all of the previous episodes at your own leisure on Showmax.

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Here are some tips on how to watch The River on ShowMax.

Does Showmax use data?

Yes. You’ll need data to download the app and stream shows live on your device but you can download up to 25 episodes at a time on Wi-Fi and watch offline on your phone or tablet.

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