NewCoupleAlert: Meet Gemini Major's Famous Bae!

These two have been at it for a while now.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Rowlene Bosman  | Relationships

When it comes to celebrity relationships in the entertainment industry, fickleness and superficiality are prevalent. Whilst some lovebirds make it out to the end, some just don't.

Proving that there's still hope for the former, celebville has been graced by a new hot couple - Rowlene and Gemini Major.

Allegedly, this unlikely pair have been at it for a minute. The recent video that's making the rounds on social media implies that they are ready to love out loud, with no care in the world.

According to social media "know-it-alls", Rowlene and Gemini don't aesthetically suit each other but hey, who are we to play match makers, love is love right?

Popular hip hop Instagram account, SA. Clout posted the following video of the lovebirds.
Instagram embed

Of course the comments section was buzzing:

Ananias_Lelo: ''I give it a year, Don't come at me.''

Ignite_Memes: ''They dated, then broke-up. They're dating now, & will break-up again.''

Wealstars7: ''No match.''

The year 2019 has shown nothing but flames in the love bus with regards to some of our beloved celebrities, however some have fortunately gotten a seat.

South African media personalities, Anele Zondo and Zingah have given love a shot.

These two are from Newcastle in Kwa Zulu Natal and have clearly chosen Johannesburg as their preferred hunting ground to actualise their respective dreams and goals.

In the newly released music video for Zingah's hot new single 'Dlala', Anele plays his love interest and can be seen looking really close and cosy with each other.
Instagram embed

We love celebrity hook ups. Should we expect a sizzling collaboration between Rowlene and Gemini Major anytime soon? HOPEFULLY!

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