DJ Puts Samkelo Ndlovu On Blast For Owing 12K

He wants his money

By  | Aug 27, 2021, 04:53 PM  | Samkelo Ndlovu  | Relationships

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It seems Samkelo Ndlovu is in trouble with a DJ that may have been helping her as she embarks on her music career.

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The DJ who goes by @Lesedithedj on Twitter has come out guns blazzing after Samkelo Ndlovu failed to pay what is due to him for a gig they did together.

Lesedi said, "@SamkeloNdlovu PLEASE PAY ME. The venue paid out and she used the money without telling me and now she’s avoiding my texts and calls. PLEASE SETTLE THE 12k you owe me!"

Lesedi also posted screenshots of him repeatedly asking for his money from Samkelo and her promising to pay him. She also seems to be ignoring him as some point which may have frustrated Lesedi over time. These are the screenshots:

Tweeps have come to Lesedi's defence and said that he has been very patient with her to not lose it even after three months of empty promises. These were some of the reactions:

"@SamkeloNdlovu's excuses for not paying or at least telling the truth are dissapointing. You need to pay back @Lesedithedj. This gent has been patient with you"

"Nah man you're too understanding. She must pay you"

"Damn, why do ppl always do this. Now your reputation is on the line. Watch how quickly she pays"

"Girl switched off her data & went onto the Capitec app "currently unavailable" "

"Always knew this faux artist was a scammer and you were so nice and friendly to her then she does this"

Lesedi has however added that Samkelo said she will pay him next week," If not then I’m going after her with everything I’ve got. I want what’s mine!". He also says he was so respectful towards her and she took advantage of that.

Samkelo has not responded to the allegations.

A month ago, Samú took to Instagram to announce that she has started a Non Profit Organisation (NPO), The Samkelo Ndlovu Foundation in efforts lessen the effects of social injustices that affect the women and children of South Africa. .

She said, "Friends, in my long overdue pursuit of philanthropy I have begun a registered non-profit organization in response to Covid-19 and the effects that the lockdown restrictions have on women and children as well as leaders of child headed homes who’s parents are diseased by Covid-19 or anything else"

"Please help us by following our page and DM’ing us any story or person you know of who is the leader of a child headed home or single mother or child in need of assistance. Please include their contact details. We are not looking for donations but for you to help us locate our friends in need of assistance.

Another actress that has been accused of not paying up after using services is Generations: The Legacy's Letoya Makhene-Pulumo who plays Tshidi on the soapie.

Letoya and her wife Lebo had tongues wagging on social media when a video showing a convoy of Bolt drivers parked outside her home, demanding that she comes outside and pays them, went viral.

The couple spoke to Daily Sun and said that they do not owe the driver any money. They explained that the driver had his own agreement with their 20-year-old son whom he has been chauffeuring to parties without their consent or knowledge.

"I asked how he could transport kids to parties without talking to us as parents. I told him to get his money from the kid. How do you take a 20-year-old partying and make it my problem? This has nothing to do with Letoya. She's being targeted because she's a celebrity," Lebo said.

The only agreement that the couple claims to have had with the driver was as a result of them being away because their grandmother had passed away. They made an agreement with the driver transport their children to school.

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