#OPW: Scottish love affair

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Relationships

Lately, it feels like the couples who feature on this show try as much as possible to avoid the drama and mishaps which have been displayed by previous couples. So far we are witnessing weddings which go through thorough planning and less embarrassing situations.

This week we were introduced to Mothusi, 29, and his beautiful bride, Thato, 26. Of course, we might not approve with all their choices, but we are confident to say that there are certain parts of the wedding process that won our hearts.

Let’s start with the bride and her wedding gown. Thato was very beautiful. Her makeup and hair were nicely done and her dress was also gorgeous. The only problem is that the cleavage was way too much, as her boobs looked like they were going to fall out of her dress. We understand she wanted to look sexy, but she exaggerated the cleavage.

The bridesmaids were okay, the dresses were nice and fitted properly. We still feel that purple wasn’t the right colour. Honestly, purple is not a good look.

The groom really disappointed us to the point of no return. His white suit was a huge flop. It looked like it was something inspired by the Pope’s robe and when he completed the ensemble with a hat he looked like one of the ZCC members when they are clad in their green uniform. But when the ZCC choir sang during their wedding ceremony, we kind of understood the inspiration behind the outfit, but we still don’t approve and we won’t be lenient. Mothusi looked horrendous and that’s it.

We guess he and Lerato Kganyago have something in common.

On the other hand, the groomsmen really looked snazzy. Their grey suits were not shiny, they fitted properly, and they were just perfect. Think James Bond on the red carpet.

The cake and the décor were also beautiful, although it wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before.

The matrimonial service was not sealed with a kiss, and we fail to understand why the pastor would leave out the kissing part?

However, the couple did kiss later on and let's just say we cannot wipe that image from our minds. Even Bonni Mbuli was traumatised

For traditional outfits, they chose to go the Scottish route. It was interesting and different, and the only thing missing were the bagpipes. However, there’s a part where the groom mentioned he doesn’t like traditional clothes because he’s too young. So according to Mothusi, kilts are not traditional clothes? He sounds confused.

Out of 10, we give this wedding an eight. Had the groom chosen an appealing suit, it would have been full marks.