"People Say It Will End In Tears And I Agree"

Sello on the hate he and Pearl receive on a daily

By  | Nov 21, 2022, 08:45 PM  | Sello Maake Ka-Ncube  | Relationships

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When actor Sello Maake KaNcube shared that he inked his wife's name on his ring finger. He received a little bit of hate. He is married to Pearl Maake KaNcube and many are saying it will end in tears

Taking to Instagram, Sello spoke about how people always say his marriage with Pearl will end in tears and he could not agree more. 
Not because he believes they will break up, but because tears run when someone dies. 

“People say it will end in tears and I agree, all marriages end in tears, either through a divorce or through the death of the other partner. So, don't live your life scared of what people will say. Focus on yourself and your happiness. Make that woman feel and know that she is the only one for you. My wife is what God ordered for me and I pray each person finds their Pearl in this lifetime!”

Sello has been married three times and once admitted that he was abusive before. He then launched Sello Maake Foundation to help men with many of the societal issues they face. 

Sello Maake KaNcube was a guest on Kaya 959 when he admitted to hosts Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka that he was an abusive partner. The hosts asked him if he had ever abused a woman and he admitted by responding with, “Yes I did”.
“For me, it took introspection. When I saw I had my father’s temperament…I practised a timeout. I realised what was one of the drivers [to the abuse]  which was insecurity and jealousy. After I discovered that then there was the beginning of introspection and through that, I realised what were some of the drivers.”
He then shares a bit of advise, “Deal with yourself first. It’s not what the other person does, it’s how you react to it. "
He promised that this would never happen again. “For as long as I live, it won’t happen again. We have to have honest and sincere conversations about it,” he added. “There is gender-based violence that is serial or psycho and there is there gender-based violence that is inter-partner violence and there are those who are rapists and pedophiles.”
Turning over a new leaf, Sello believes he has found the love of his life. “I made that decision the day I went to pay lobola when I said to my delegation, please don’t negotiate any amount with the family. Whatever they want, please tell them I will pay it because there are no ways you can put a price on a person who practically saved your career and your life. It took me 40 years to find her and God willing, I plan on giving her the best 40 years of life.”

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