Is This MaMkhize's Wedding Gift To Tamia Mpisane?

Talk about having friends in high places!

By  | Dec 22, 2021, 01:47 PM  | Shauwn Mkhize  | Relationships

MaMkhize and Tamia Mpisane
Tamia Mpisane, formerly Tamia Louw, is the new celebrity on the scene, and everybody is curious about her. She recently received a lucrative new job offer, which looks like it could have been part of her wedding gift. 
As Savanna News reports, Tamia has been offered a job by Royal AM Football Club. Her new mother-in-law, Shauwn Mkhize co-owns the club, and is currently also serving its president. Andile, her husband, is the chairperson of the club, so it makes total sense that the young lady has immediately joined the family business in this capacity. 

It also helps greatly that she comes from a football family, as she is the niece of the Richards Bay FC chairmans, Sfiso Biyela. But if you think the new role is purely from nepotism, think again. Tamia has also been revealed to have significant work experience in consultancy. As a Law Student, she has also been training for a high pressure career like this one, and it is likely she will be great at it. 
It seems like Ma’Mkhize is very supportive of her son’s choice of a wife. She had been accused of disliking Andile’s ex and baby mama, Sithelo Shozi. The two had a long on-and-off relationship, with allegations of Andile cheating on Sithelo multiple times. 

But just when it started to look like they were finally going stable – Andile bought Sithelo an expensive new car and got Mzansi talking for weeks – he sprung Tamia on everyone out of the blue. 
It was further shocking that the two got married on the same day they got engaged; in fact it was so outrageous that many thought it was all a publicity stunt or they were creating drama ahead of a big announcement. Imagine the confusion when True Love confirmed that they had in fact signed their marriage certificate the same day. 

As the news shook the nation, fans were convinced that MaMkhize played a role in the incident. They think Andile is young and impressionable, being only 20 years old, so his mother must have made him marry Tamia. Plus, MaMkhize had been suspected of disliking Sithelo for her son, so tweeps were convinced she broke them up and fronted Tamia instead. 

But the business woman came forth to clear her name in a lengthy statement on social media. She said Sithelo is the mother of her two beautiful grandchildren, so she would never do anything to hurt her. She is responsible for guiding her son, but she would not make an outright choice for him, as it is his life at the end of the day. 

This new job offer seems like the ultimate endorsement of Andile’s choice. MaMkhize has welcomed her into the family with open arms, and giving her a vital role in the family empire is proof that she trusts her new daughter-in- law. 

We wonder whether it would have been the same way with Sithelo, but that is a question only the family can answer. It must be nice to have such supportive in-laws, though. A huge congratulations to Tamia, and we wish her the very best in her new capacity. 
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