Halala! Sibusisiwe Jili's Miracle Is Here

10 years in the making.

By  | Mar 29, 2021, 08:48 AM  | Sibusisiwe Jili  | Relationships

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The Queen actress Sibusisiwe Jili, who stars as policewoman Georgina, has decided to giver her followers a life update. She has finallky given birth to her adorable bundle of joy!

"After 10 years of waiting for you , you come with cooling showers of rain and the house has been filled with the flutter of butterflies; the entire house is at a stand still as we’ve all gather around your cot taking picx, taking turns to hold your tiny, cute, chubby body. (We should call ausie though, 🤭) we are extremely grateful for your safe arrival my LionCub. #blessings" she captioned a video of the new arrival.

Taking to Instagram recently, the actress reflected on how the last couple of months have been.

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"How some people view pregnancy vs reality are two very different worlds." She shared. "Walking/sleeping through/ sitting/eating through(you get the picture)the final stretch (which lasts a good 10years) I will not miss carrying full term, nope, I said it, baby be heavy, who voted for the 9months vele, never again, I’m gonna be the dad next time."

Nonetheless, the actress revealed that she would never trade the experience for anything else.

"It’s truly been a surreal experience for me with a whole lot of first times that I had to and still am going through but nothing in this journey could or would ever have me change how it all came together, from my very first visit to Docs office when I got the news, to the weird, unexplainable feeling I had walking back to the car; informing and welcoming families and friends to the journey and now when everyone wants to know whether the baby has arrived or not."

Also adding that the pregnancy journey has been the most spiritually enlightening for her, the actress answered the big question on everybody's minds and that's whether or not she's given birth.

"After all of this, I might not remember the exact days, the people that were involved, the moments that were shared but I know for sure that I will never forget how beautiful a feeling that I carried throughout this pregnancy (drama queen moment aside) this has been the most spiritually enlightening experience of my life thus far and maybe words will never truly be able to fully describe the feeling but dzamn it feels so good. Anyway, the baby hasn’t arrived and I’m still a bubble so, BLAAAH HAPPY THURSDAY", wrote the talented television star.

Main Picture Credit: Sibusiswe Jili Instagram Account
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