Sisanda Henna on past relationships: I was insecure

The actor has shed light on his insecurities when it comes to relationships

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Sisanda Henna  | Relationships


Everybody comes into relationships with some sort of baggage, right? Whether it’s abandonment issues, fear of rejection or insecurities, we all have something. 

Sisanda Henna recently took to Twitter to talk about being insecure in a previous relationship. The conversation started after actress Nokuthula Ledwaba spoke about how actresses stop acting after marriage because of their husbands.  


Sisanda responded saying he was that guy, adding that he was insecure.


The actor also shared, in detail, what he meant with his statement. In a video shared on Twitter, he explained that he brought his insecurities into the relationship. “I was insecure even before I got married.” He said he was paranoid and convinced that his partner was with another guy. “And I used to sneak up at the apartment we were staying to just check if ngizomthola with some other guy… Insecurities are like that. The thing runs crazy in your brain.”  

He further explained that insecurities are about not believing in yourself and have nothing to do with the other person.

Sisanda was married to TV presenter and actress Bonnie Mbuli, and they divorced in 2013.

“Insecurities is something you believe about yourself,” the actor shared.

“The fact is because you believe that you actually act out on that stuff. So then, you don’t say ‘hey I feel insecure ukuthi when you’re there acting opposite Taye Diggs or this like very attractive successful actor, bese manje y’all are making out’. Somehow your brain is not like differentiating that ‘ey, these people baya acta’.”

By the way, Bonnie acted alongside American actor Taye Diggs in a movie called Drum back in 2004.

Bonnie commended her ex-husband for addressing the issue.


Image credit: Instagram/sisandahenna