Sometimes all you need is that Bernard and Wendy Parker type of love

Nothing beats having a great relationship with your lifetime partner, especially when the going gets tough.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Relationships

Wendy Parker

Whenever you feel like you can no longer do this life thing, your partner is right there by your side, cheering you on and dealing with the challenges of life with you.

And that's exactly how Wendy Parker and her husband, Kaizer Chiefs midfielder/striker - Bernard Parker have managed to survive in this game called life.

Since their beautiful wedding in 2012, which was also covered by Top Billing, we've seen this couple's love for each other grow stronger everyday.

Bernard Parker

In past interviews, Wendy has mentioned that the reason why their marriage has worked beside all the negative publicity they've both experienced in the past, is because the couple has made it their primary goal to always respect the vows they exchanged to each other when they got married.


You may also look at Wendy Parker and Bernard's relationship and think that it's all rosy but Wendy has made it clear that being a soccer wife isn't just glitzĀ and glam but a work in progress with its own ups and downs and many challenges.

For her, it has always been important to remain grounded and not to forget her roots. That's what has also helped their marriage become even stronger.

Wendy Parker

And it also seems like Wendy is also an avid Babes Wodumo fan


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@WendyParker

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