Somizi Unbothered By Mohale's New Catch

He has his sights set on someone new too

By  | Dec 09, 2021, 11:06 AM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

Image of Somizi Mhlongo
Few relationships have rocked the nation that between actor Somizi Mhlongo and Mohale Motaung. The two made headlines for their beautiful wedding, but their marriage did not last long before they broke up amidst accusations of physical and emotional abuse. 

Recently, Mohale posted pictures of himself relaxing on vacation. In one of the pictures, he was in a distinct bathtub, sipping a glass of wine. But at around the same time, another social media user, Dr Tshepo, posted pictures of himself in a tub too similar to Mohale’s to be a coincidence, with a glass identical to that of Mohale. 
Brilliant tweeps immediately put two and two together, and have concluded that Dr Tshepo is Mohale’s new man. And after seeing those photographs, it was not a stretch. That scene is way too specific to mislead us, even though they refuse to post each other, or to share photos of them together. 
All of Mzansi has been waiting for a reaction from Somizi, as the two have been estranged for months now, and there has even been talk of divorce. In fact, it seems the two are on very bad terms, as they have not been seen together since their breakup, and shade has been flying left and right between them. 

But the response tweeps have been waiting for doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. In fact, Somizi has been focusing on securing the bag, and has been hosting gigs back to back. 

There were suspicions that he had moved on too, when he posted a raunchy picture of himself taken from the back. Although his caption said the picture was taken by a drone, none of his fans were convinced, and they took it as a sign that he has a new man, or woman. I mean, he did say he is pansexual and would be open to dating women too. 
Part of moving on and minding his business includes loving his life loudly, and Somizi has never stopped doing that. He also recently shared a very emotional video of him celebrating and remembering his parents, taking comfort in knowing that they live in him and looking down at him from above. 

The actor is currently on a birthday tour that will likely conclude on 23rd December, which is his birthday. The second stop is set to be on 10th December, and his fans and friends, especially his bestie Vusi Nova, are greatly excited for it. 

It’s a great thing that both Somizi and Mohale are moving on. Although we may never get to know the full details of their relationship, they were both mature enough to go their separate ways when they realized it wasn’t working between them. We applaud their choices, and wish them both the best in their separate lives. 

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