Is Somizi Behind Vusi's Recent Transformation?

Somizi + Vusi Nova = S’Nova?

By  | Nov 18, 2021, 04:10 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Relationships

Image of Somizi Mhlongo
Vusi Nova just revealed his new look, and fans are loving it! 

The singer recently went online to announce that he would be rebranding. His new stage name will be S’Nova, and he will be making the big transformation stick by accompanying it with a hot new song, Shuku Shuku, set to drop on 19th November 2021. The change comes complete with a change in hairstyle as well as wardrobe choices.

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The change was unforeseen, and fans immediately went online to speculate what could be behind it. And it did not take long before the finger was pointed at Somizi
The two are known to be good friends. In fact, they spend a lot of time together, and take every opportunity to show each other support both online and offline. But social media has never been convinced that there is nothing more than friendship going on between them, even though they have come out multiple times to deny all dating allegations. 
Now with Vusi’s new alter ego and look, fans are convinced that he was inspired by Somizi. They are doing some very quick and very rudimentary mathematics that leads them to this inspired conclusion. Apparently, Somizi + Vusi Nova = S’Nova. That’s it. It should speak for itself. 
Considering this is the third stage name the singer will be using, fans are convinced that it means he doesn’t really know who he is. They believe it leaves him as an easy target to be convinced by others, which is supposedly what Somizi has done. They have even tied it to Somizi’s recent saga where he was prohibited from going to Zimbabwe because his lifestyle would “corrupt their morals and disrupt their spirituality”. 

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It seems like the celebrities may once again have to come out and restate their relationship status because tweeps just won’t listen. Vusi Nova, especially, has fans convinced that he is gay but still in the closet. 

Somizi is not the only openly gay celebrity that Vusi has been rumoured to be dating. Tweeps also once suggested that he was dating Lasizwe Dambuza, but the comedian was quick to clarify that they were just “Bible Study Friends”. Are you surprised that the answer raised even more eyebrows?
Despite the constant slander, Somizi has built enviable friendships. He is very good friends with The Voice of Africa, Kelly Khumalo, and the levels of support they show each other is the stuff of dreams. For now, though, tweeps will be awaiting confirmation of their suspicions, even though in the grand scheme of things, they seem ridiculous. The man is allowed to change his image with no underlying influence, no? 

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