Tresor reflects on how he found love

Tresor takes us to the beginning of his love story

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Trésor Riziki  | Relationships


The process of finding love can be an exciting journey, but judging people's true intentions when you’re a public figure can be a little tricky when you’re always in the spotlight.

But Tresor said that finding someone that was not fazed by his fame and flashy lifestyle assured him that his lady was the perfect match for him as he took us on his journey of finding love.

Tresor and his lady, Langa Mngoma - who is also Nandi Madida's sister - have been serving couple goals as a union together, from their matchy ootd's, to gushing over their relationship for nearly three years now, the couple is still going strong. 

In a recent interview on Metro FM, Tresor took us to the genesis of his relationship with his bae, saying that he knew from just looking at her picture that she was the one for him.

"I’ve known Nandi for a while, I saw a picture that she posted and I was like: ‘Oh I think that’s my girl’ eventually I wanted to get the number. Two years went by."


Reflecting on his first date with Langa at a concert he invited her to, Tresor said: "I finally got the number and invited her - I was touring with Seal - so I was like, I think I should pull a stunt to get the I was sponsored by this company. Seal played kiss from a rose, and you know we were all there, we were hanging out and she drove outside of Durban to see the concert. We were driving back, I'm dropping her off at her house and I’m driving 30 kilometres per hour 'cause I just wanted to spend more time and put in the words and maybe get the first kiss, but I didn't get the first kiss." [sic]

With Tresor having been hand picked by Seal to go on tour with him, and had done his best to impress Langa by having his name printed on a car he was sponsored by, the singer says that his girlfriend was never fazed by the fame and was open and honest 

"She was never fazed by fame or flashy things or anything really. It's always been a matter of I’m sure you know...I really also appreciated the in like: ''I'm here for you, almost three years now, and it's really been great, I’m just in a really good space," he added.

We've heard of many celebrity love stories, from finding love in the parking lot or even in the DM's on social media. Tresor's love at first sight story is yet another heartwarming story to hear as the couple has managed to build a relationship for the past three years, and as they continue to grow stronger together, we hope to see them walk down the aisle one day.

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