Zakes convinced Nandi to do Skhanda Love

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Zakes Bantwini  | Relationships

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Can you believe it? Nandi Mngoma almost didn't do Skhanda Love. The singer revealed that if it wasn't for Zakes Bantwini, she would have never agreed to be part of the hit track.

Speaking on V-Entertainment, Nandi said: "I'll be very honest, KO knows, I was very skeptical at first to do it. I was like 'I'm not a hip hop person. As in I love hip hop, but I don't do hip hop'. So you're always skeptical and you want it to be genuine and true and authentic, rather than just like 'yo, let's do this because you're the hottest guy right now'. I wanted it to be honest and he knows that it took some time to actually agree, because I loved KO and respected his talent..."

Fortunately for fans, Zakes did the right thing by convincing Nandi to jump in. She explained: "He [Zakes] convinced me. He said, listen, this is a beautiful song. It's not about the genre. Thank God I actually listened to him for one. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been a part of such a beautiful song."


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