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Actress Zikhona Sodlaka has been working with some industry greats on the set of Diep City and it shows. Sis took to Instagram to gush over her colleague Mduduzi Mabaso.

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She said, "Someone I am getting to know said it's not about the speed but the direction. Careful of going the wrong way fast mntase. Steady in your lane and greatness will meet you where it knows to meet you.

Respect to my big brother
@mdukhekheThe Arts can be a lot of things, fun is definitely one of them! And fun was had at the #royaltysoapieawards awards
Steady in your lane mntase. Also, "you were born an original careful to not die a copy"~"

Zikhona recently revealed that she shot Blood and Water season 2 when she was 6 months pregnant.

She said, “It was the most interesting thing I’ve ever done in my adult life. Physically, it was a challenging experience. I became heavier, but my feet carried me until my final month of pregnancy while shooting...My hours were shorter than usual. I was working the same hours a child does on set. However, it was highly fulfilling. It was the most honest I have ever been while working on a character. So, yes, I took naps when I could and ate a lot. Just not needing to hold my stomach in while shooting was also a very welcome change”.

When we meet her, she is a counselor at Parkhurst High School.

Speaking to True Love Magazine, Zikhona said, “I play the role of Janet Nkosana, who is a school counselor at Parkhurst High. She’s also the mother of Sam, who is a new student at the same school. She is the kind woman whom students can easily confide in. But it’s later discovered that she’s somehow involved in the not-so-clean world of human trafficking and it’s revealed why she is really at the school"

Zikhona added that motherhood has made her more brave. She can now face my fears more than she used to. "I now understand that life is for the living. I have also become a bit more patient. I am more present or at least I try to be. I have come to learn that as challenging as motherhood can be, it is also one of the greatest life lessons and the most introspective time in a woman’s life. Having a baby during a pandemic was very humbling, but I adapted. Both of us are healthy and learning as we go.”

Zikhona is currently on Diep City but she has not appeared in a while and we are hoping the detective will come back and shake things up like she was before. She came in as a detective that was hellbent at getting justice for the murdered Fistos. She was sniffing around the wring turns and we were sure it was over for the wrong turns. 

If she was still around, Sne would definitely not be doing her matric because she'd b too focused on making sure her skeletons stay hidden and Cebekhulu cannot find them. With Cebekhulu nowhere to be seen, she can now afford to study and relax for some time. 

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