Mmatema Gets Real About Pregnancy Instagram Looks

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By  | Oct 04, 2021, 02:33 PM  | Mmatema Moremi  | Relationships

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Idols SA finalist and musician Mmatema has opened up about the real nature of Instagram pictures for an expectant mom and how it does not matter what people think because there's many things one has to worry about.

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She took to Instagram to pen a confidence booster for those who say pregnant women should always try to look good even when they cant. She said, "There’s this saying when you pregnant “o ska it itisa/ungaziyeki” direct translation “don’t let go of yourself” and this simply means that you must dress up, doll up girl,do your hair, look pretty etc.

But listen, it is all fiction! It is all unnecessary pressure. With all the changes that you go through, inside and out, rolling out of bed nje is a mission
😄🙈 so the last thing you want to do is compare yourself to the pictures WE post here because half the time WE DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS!!! (ask our husbands or anybody we live with😂)

So before you beat yourself up and drag yourself into depression because Mmatema is “slaying her pregnancy” or as they say “ she’s carrying well” remember I might be typing this from my bed in my pjs with a doek on, a swollen face and having my husband rub my back😉

Mommies enjoy your pregnancy, enjoy this journey , embrace the changes and remember to pray , always. Pray for what you want! Check out my pregnancy journey on my YouTube channel (Mmatema MrsG) to see how I go about this beautiful ever changing journey called pregnancy. I literally pray for everything I want to see happen. Faith"

A lot of women resonated with this and shard their own experiences. These were some of the reactions:

"yep I spent half my pregnancy in the loo throwing up up until delivery😣. Pregnancy looks good on you
😍, for me I've accepted my body cannot handle it, it just can't 😢"

"Hahaha, the clothes that you can ever feel comfortable in, is naked clothes you just stay naked 😂😂😂😂"

"Thank you for this post ..this was me when I was expecting. I took it one day at a time .even with baby here it's not easy but the pressure tjooo people. Just won't give new mommies a break. Do what you can when you can.t Time for slaying will come . It's only now almost 8 months post partum that I'm starting to doll up and attempt to slay but otherwise it's been tank tops and loose pants and tights which I think are a must have for every preggy mum and new mom lol .😍"

"Nje. Yesterday was my worst day in this pregnancy. Very emotionally draining and I didn't force myself to look otherwise"

A few days ago Mmatema and her cute little family finally had their gender reveal. The couple did not know about the gender of their new baby up until the day of the reveal. Following their scan, they asked their doctor to keep it sealed in a letter until the day of the reveal. The two, who have a baby boy, had been praying and hoping for a baby girl.

“We’ve been waiting in anticipation. We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl. We asked the doctor to write on a small piece of paper and we’ve been keeping it safe for the past 4 days. So today we are going to have a Braai. It is his Braai. So he going to be doing the Braaiing. We just came back from the mall to collect the Balloons. And now we are going to start prepping.” Said Mmatema.

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