How Zizo Tshwete got her happily ever after

Zizo has opened up about her marriage to Mayihlome Tshwete.

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Zizo Tshwete on her husband: He is loyal

We all know that Zizo Tshwete is a very private person, especially when it comes to her personal life.

However, she let loose on Friday morning during an interview with Thabiso Mokwele on Kaya FM, where she spoke about her career, son, and husband, Mayihlome Tshwete. 

The couple tied the knot in December 2015, and welcomed their son, Vukile, in March this year. 

Speaking to Thabiso, Zizo said if she had to choose again, she would still choose her husband. She described him as "big-hearted, kind, generous and loyal". "Loyalty is his keyword," the TV and radio presenter said. 

How Zizo Tshwete got her happily ever after

She revealed that they met at Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba's 40th birthday celebration in Durban. Mayihlome was in the organising committee, while Zizo was covering the event for Selimathunzi

"So he came, I can't tell you the first thing he said, but the second thing he said was 'can I get you a drink' I was like 'sure, no worries'. And he just kept checking on me throughout the event. And so I thanked him at the end of the evening for facilitating the interviews and everything went smoothly. 

"But I needed to have his details so that I could confirm with them when they would get a copy of the insert, when it was going live, that type of thing. So I sent him a message again 'thank you so much, we really appreciate your professionalism'. It was one of the better events that we'd covered."

How Zizo Tshwete got her happily ever after

Zizo said the next morning Mayi invited her for breakfast, but she was working.  

"[I] said 'I'm on my way back to Joburg' we were in Durban at the time... He said 'I'll be in Joburg a little later so can I call you when I get there, I said 'absolutely'.

"When he called me I was working so I said 'I'll call you as soon as I'm done working'. In the evening I phoned him back - I said 'I'm so sorry I didn't phone you back, but I'm out for dinner and drinks with a girlfriend of mine, so if you can, you are more than welcome to swing by maybe you can bring a friend or whatever' just to make it informal." 

She added that she didn't know what his intentions were. "He came and we had an awesome time, and I saw him every single day since then. And obviously we were exclusive from the beginning and then married, baby and happily ever after." 

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How Zizo Tshwete got her happily ever after

The mother of one believes that with certain things you've just got to let go and believe it's going to happen at the right time.

"I was focusing purely on my career, I was working like a machine, very happy..." She said when you've met "the one", you just know. 

"No one can explain it to you, but when it's the right person, you just know." 

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