R61,000 For Zodwa & Bae's Engagement Rings

Yep, they just got engaged

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Relationships

It's no secret that Zodwa is madly in love with her boyfriend, Ntobeko Linda. The two have been dating for quite a while and are inseparable, wherever Zodwa is, rest-assured that Ntobeko is not too far.

And from what we've come to learn, it seems like Ntobeko has levelled up from the boyfriend department to the fiancé department as the two are now engaged. [We hope this is not a publicity stunt]

Zodwa has not only been sharing pictures of their engagement rings, but she also showed people how much each ring cost.

Zodwa purchased both rings and cost a whopping R61,000. Wow!

According to video footage from Mongameli TV, Zodwa was the one who proposed to Ntobeko. She went down on one knee and asked for his hand in marriage.

In the video, Zodwa is heard saying; "I love you, but if you dare cheat on me you will regret it."

Here is Ntobeko's engagement ring which cost R5,217.39

And here is Zodwa's 9ct Rose Gold Morganite & Diamond ring which cost her R47,826.09.

Yep, times are changing, these days woman are securing the bag and proposing to their men, why not?

Ever since her relationship became public, Zodwa has been criticized for dating a younger man; however, she has made it clear countless of times that she does not care about people's opinions when it comes to her relationship. To her, what matters is what they think about their relationship as a couple.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Zodwalabrim