Zoe and Rapulana's go public about their relationship?

It is one celebrity relationship that has everyone speculating

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Zoe Mthiyane  | Relationships

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Are they or are they not, is the question but by now we're quite sure that these two are an item on and off screen.

Did you ever get to read our article about why we think they're really dating? 

No? Well check it out here, we think Zoe might now be ready to show off Rapulana as her real bae.

But then again the two have remained quite mum about this off-screen relationship, and considering how Zoe's past relationships have been thrust into the public eye, we can't blame her for wanting to keep this relationship under wraps.


But sometimes all you really want to do is ignore people and publicly declare your love for your significant other and it seems like that's exactly what the couple did a few weeks ago at the Durban July.

According to Move! Magazine the couple were allegedly spotted being extremely cosy with one another at this year's Durban July.

The article read: 

"They were seated with a bunch of people having a good time. Zoe's arm was on Rapulana's thigh and she would lean on his shoulder at times. When they kissed, the people around didn't seem shocked, if anything, they seem informed of their relationship status."

In past interviews, Zoe has remained adamant in not divulging about anything that has to do with her relationships. 

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