The River: Is it game over for Lindiwe?

Will Lindiwe's nephew end her?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

Lindiwe from the river

We could have never predicted that Zolani would turn against Lindiwe. Who knew that a day would come where he actually wanted to kill her? It seems not even their fond memories together will stop Zolani from hurting Lindiwe this time around.

Will Zolani pull the trigger?


So, how did they get here? It all started after Veronica told her son that Lindiwe was after her life. She even told him that she got thugs to beat her up and threaten to kill her. Of course, this was a bit too much for Zolani to believe as he has a tight bond with his aunt.

However, Vero eventually managed to convince him that Lindiwe is no good. Zolani planned his revenge perfectly. He first convinced Lindiwe that he was apologetic about his behaviour and managed to get her back on his side.

While Lindiwe thought all was well between them, Zolani was busy with a plan to kill her. He took her to a picnic by the river – the same river where they killed Thato Mokoena. Although she was uncomfortable about this venue, Lindiwe didn’t imagine that her nephew, who is like a son to her, would point a gun at her. So, there stood Lindiwe with a gun to her head and Zolani getting ready to end her life. We’ll give it to her, she never goes down without a fight. This time, she brought up all the good things she has done for Zolani (including when he was much younger) to show him how much he means to her. We have a feeling that Zolani will not pull the trigger. What do you think?

Has Cobra’s luck run out?


Does Cobra not know that when you commit a crime you need to make sure that you do it well? We mean you can’t be sloppy. As much as Cobra and his buddies Percy and Oupa got away with the second heist, they aren’t out of danger just yet.

The only mistake he made was to leave his beret at that shack where they held those girls hostage (after the heist). Now that the police have this beret, he can’t help but worry about going back to prison. It seems everyone around him, including his mother and sister Dimpho, are sure that he will be going back to prison for a long time.

However, he might still have a chance to get away with this crime if Tshabalala helps him and his friends. Will the corrupt cop find a way to assist these criminals? It’s not like he has a choice now because if they go down, he’s also going down!

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