The River: Tumi rejects Lindani & Andile is now the 'most promiscuous gay in Pretoria'

There is so much drama happening lately, we just can't keep up.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

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We knew that Lindani and Khabonina's marriage would come to an end eventually, but we didn't imagine it would happen this soon. If you're reading this and cannot believe your eyes, we totally feel you.

Lindani professes his love for Tumi

This week, it became evident that Lindani still has feelings for Tumi. If you recall, these two were madly in love but had to separate after Khabonina claimed that Lindani was the father of her child. Because he wanted to do the right thing, Lindani decided to marry her so that they could raise "their child" together. Just a side note, that's not his child. Zolani convinced Khabonina to lie to Lindani about the child's paternity so that he could break them up, and have Tumi to himself. His plan worked. Well, until now, of course. We hope you're following?

Now the cracks have started to show and it's not pretty. Lindani has told Tumi that he still loves her and they even kissed. Thinking that he'd get back together with Tumi, he told his wife that he wants a divorce. Sadly, Tumi regrets the kiss and has told Lindani that she doesn't want him.

Andile spirals out of control

Andile is starting to give everyone a headache now, seriously! He doesn't know how to handle the fact that Njabulo has moved on with his life. Instead of crying about it, he has decided to turn to alcohol and changing men every single day. This is obviously not working out too well as some of the people he has slept with end up thinking they're in a relationship with him.

Also, he has now landed himself on the list of the 'most promiscuous gays in Pretoria'. We don't think Lindiwe will be impressed by this.

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