The River: Walter shows Lindiwe who’s boss

One thing we’ve learned about The River is that it’s unpredictable

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

The River

One minute you think Walter is a liar and a traitor, and the next minute you find out that he cares about his people. And, just when you’re angry about Lindiwe getting away with everything, you discover that she’s not above the law. Sjoe! A lot has happened on the 1 Magic show this week, check out our recap.

Walter is a man of his word

While everyone, including us, was convinced that he had turned his back on his comrades, he showed that he isn’t a traitor – even when R5 million is on the plate!

You remember that Lindiwe asked him to call off the strike and offered him a fine paycheque to do that. Walter obliged, and he took the money. When he accepted the money we honestly thought he was done with Refilwe and its residents. Let’s be honest here, how many people would even think twice after being given so much money? Not that many!

While it looked like Walter was a liar, it turns out that he had a plan up his sleeve. And no one, including the clever Lindiwe Dikana, saw this one coming. He sneakily recorded all his conversations with Lindiwe and pretended like he was on her side. It was only until Lindiwe called a press conference to celebrate the fact that the strike was off, that Walter showed where his loyalty lies.

He exposed the mining mogul in front of her family and her staff, in front of everyone, basically. Walter and the miners have won this round, surely, as Lindiwe was arrested.

Zolani and Tumi’s relationship is tested

The beginning of this week started on a high note for Tumi and Zolani. The lovebirds continued to fall for each other and they even took their relationship to the next level. And no, we’re not talking about marriage here, but the fact that Zolani finally told his aunt and uncle that he and Tumi were an item. That counts as the next level, right?

Things were rosy, you know how people behave when the relationship is still new. They basically can’t keep their hands off each other and they sell each other dreams. It’s so beautiful to watch.

However, as you know, all relationships get tested at some point. After discovering that Lindiwe had paid Walter R5 million as a bribe, Tumi was fuming. She screamed at her boyfriend and asked him if he knew about it. Obviously, he denied having any knowledge about it and defended his aunt. Now we all want to know how Tumi will handle this. Will she stick by her man and new family, or will she move back home? The plot thickens!

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