The Evolution Of Ronnie Nyakale

No one could ever forget Papa Action.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Ronnie Nyakale 

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Ronnie Nyakale currently plays an easy going character on Generations: The Legacy, however his previous roles hardly struck a chord with the audience. 

This veteran's most prolific role to date is, undoubtedly the notorious and terrorising Papa Action in the controversial drama series, Yizo Yizo back in the day. 

The true measure of an actor is his ability to translate reality into fiction - hence the saying, "Art imitates life". The character of Papa Action saw many parents prohibiting their children from watching such characters on television, as it is known how uninspiring such people are in real life - Ronnie must have done a really good job then! 

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Over the years Ronnie has displayed impressive growth and range as an actor. Fortunately, casting directors have also ridden the wave of his expansion. He continues to be afforded roles that challenge his bad boy type cast. 

Every artist yearns for their followers  to journey with them, as they spill into new avenues of their artistry. It is safe to say that those, who have enjoyed Ronnie Nyakale's work from way back, have likely warmed up to this enhanced level of his career. 

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