#S'khipha-AmaFiles: Last night's Episode Had Us Shook!

Let's be careful of where we buy our meat.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM 

Last night's episode of Moja Love's hit reality show, Skhipha Ama-Files had many viewers considering a vegan diet.

Imagine buying meat at your favourite butchery, only to discover a dodgy operation, whereby expired meat is repackaged and then resold to the customer's - Yuck!

A former employee at a popular butchery in Joburg CBD called upon the Skipha Ama- Files team to help expose the filth and unhygienic chronicles inside the butchery.

We're all familiar with marinated or spiced ribs or chicken pieces/wings that serve as a convenience for customers, who'll likely just get home and cook the meat...BUT this episode revealed that some of that meat is cleverly packaged in such a manner -  just so to "conceal" the horrible smell of the repackaged meat!  Yhu!

The show secured the number one trending spot on Twitter last night and Tweeps were livid,  to say the least!

Main Image Credit:twitter/@mojalove