SAMAs To Honor HHP

They're paying homage to a great one

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

The 25th South African Music Awards otherwise known as the SAMA's will pay tribute to late rapper HHP alongside other great music legends in Mzansi.

TKZee and Mango Groove will also be honored this year,  for being trendsetters and paving the way for other musicians.

And, it's about time!

These two groups and HHP are just examples of how versatile and communal their music was. They changed the perception of what music was and who could listen to it. Truly, bringing people of all demographics together and jamming under one roof.

Their affect on the nation, has no expiration. Flip on a HHP track right now and try not to dance. Switch on a TKZee track and try not to sing along? Their vibe was truly infectious and unlike a lot of new musicians, their music still stands the test of time.

So really, its about time we showed them some love.
Mango Groove

In a statement released by the SAMAs, the event, which will take place in the  North West province, will recognise HHP's firsts, including him being the first artist to rap over a kwaito beat and the first to have multiple successful sync deals.

Mango Groove, which was formed in 1984, will be honoured for their outstanding contribution to South African music.

Kabelo Mabalane, Zwai Bala and Tokollo Tshabalala, who formed kwaito group TZKee, will be celebrated for being the bestselling kwaito group.

"TKZee heralded the early days of freedom with a sound so fresh and invigorating that they became legends in a short space of time. HHP entrenched and adapted the culture of hip hop to a South African audience as he shunned twanging and instead made Setswana fashionable," said head of the Recording Industry of South Africa (Risa) Nhlanhla Sibisi.

Sounds like something worth looking forward to and we can't wait.

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Main Image Credit: SABC