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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

She Conquers hits the road to empower communities in South Africa

It is well-known and there are statistics to prove that youth in most African countries are mostly affected by high unemployment rates and South Africa is not immune to that challenge.

The Social Profile of the Youth for the period 2009—2014 showed that in 2014, more than five million young people in South Africa were unemployed, with those aged between 25—34 being the biggest size of the unemployment numbers. The youth are the age group that’s most affected by poverty, which makes it difficult for them to access services such as education and securing employment.

Among adolescent girls and young women, this often leads them to turn to activities that could negate their future; things such as alcohol and sexual relationships with older men (or Blessers, as they’re famously known). These are problems that have a trickle-down effect and often lead to gender-based violence and they increase the risk of new HIV infections. The She Conquers campaign is here to help.

She Conquers

Perhaps, you’ve recently finished your matric or graduated with a diploma or degree and now you need to find a job. You might’ve tried applying at various companies, but it’s all proven to be futile; in some cases, you don’t even receive an application acknowledgement or a call to an interview. Still, don’t distress.

To try and curb the challenge of the high unemployment rate and slowly, but surely, eliminate other problems along the way, She Conquers has multiple links on their website which can be used to help those in need of job opportunities. This is not to say that She Conquers will give you a job, but there are mechanisms in place that may help you attempt to secure employment. There are links provided where you can place your CV on the website of the Department of Labour or check websites that have job listings and you can choose which job to apply for.


And it’s important to wake up to the fact that the hustle is essential in your life and happiness, but, so is your health. That’s why She Conquers encourages young people to live healthier lives by seeking health information from local Adolescent & Youth Friendly Services (AYFS) clinics and taking steps every day to stay in shape. Remember to check out and register on and receive expert health tips on your phone.

One more thing … tell a friend (or ten) about this and let’s empower each other and conquer!

For further information about the BWise Health platform, check out the mobisite below:

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