TV Shows On The Chopping Block 2019

We will sadly be bidding farewell to some of these in 2020

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

The entertainment industry can be a very tricky and risky business, especially because the future is unpredictable. This year saw many of Mzansi’s favourite shows getting the chop from the small screens. 

This has been a result from either the show not gaining enough viewership hence the broadcasters losing out in revenue, or hat the channel could not afford to have it on our screens therefore the best of the best survive.

Here are some of the shows that caused an uproar when it was announced they were axed. 


So much speculation has been going on with SABC, especially on issues that involve money. For that reason, shows that were not doing well had to get canned. One of them had to be Isidingo

The much- loved, but not watched as it should be soapie has been on our screen for 21 years and is sadly coming to an end in March 2020. Reasons for that are low viewership hence causing SABC to lose out on money. 

Real Talk on SABC 3

There was no real reason given to fans as to why the talk show was axed. After Anele left mid-season, Azania took over and later hinted about the show coming to an end. It was officially taken off screens in January.


The show that was getting props for a stellar story-line and overall performance, shocked many when it was announced that it would be cancelled. 

April 2020 will be the last time viewers get to watch the hit series because it is falling short in viewership with a little above 500 000. 

Top Billing

This was one of those shows that shaped many careers in Mzansi. Top Billing saw itself on the chopping block this year as it had hardly pulled over million viewers for the channel for the longest time, therefore unfortunately getting axed.

Giyani: Land Of Blood 

A first for Mzansi, this series showed what inclusivity in the media industry should look like.

The Xitsonga tribe, and many others who support the inclusion of other tribes on our television, were devastated when it was announced that it would come to a halt. Fans' devastation lead to a petition to have the show picked up for more seasons. Sadly, SABC stood it's ground.

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