Siya Kolisi And Wife Get Tested For COVID-19 Before Heading Off On A Trip

Tests are negative!

By  | May 22, 2020, 07:26 AM  | Siya Kolisi 

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Siya Kolisi and wife, Rachel Kolisi have are expected to head off on a trip for what is reported to be essential work. Prior to their trip, both couple were test for COVID-19 after feeling symptomatic and thankfully, the tests came back negative. 

Rachel took to Instagram to share their experience, and explained the importance of getting tested. She stated, “During the weekend I really wasn’t feeling well at all. I really wanted to be confident that I was being responsible before traveling. 

I had a Covid-19 Test done (which returned negative) over the weekend along with Siya and my brother.” She claimed that by sharing their experience, she hoped to lessen the stigma around COVID-19 and testing for the virus. 

Followers were quick to follow up with questions, with many questioning the couple on their travelling plans. Desiree Gagiano ordered them to “Stay at home!”, to which Rachel responded with, “It’s really not possible with the work we’re doing.”

Others also asked about the testing process, which Rachel described as uncomfortable, but not sore.

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