#SofaSlahlane stripper shakes the timeline

He knows the ladies want him and their men want to be him 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

#SofaSlahlane stripper shakes the timeline

As part of an episode that aired on Thursday night, DStV channel, Moja Love took a look into the world of black male strippers by following the lives of five black male strippers based in Johannesburg.  

The promo shows an unnamed stripper, identified only as 'Penetrator' introducing himself as he oils down his body and gets handsy with his most private bits and bobs... 

In another scene, he can be seen chatting to two other men about what makes him so appealing. 

He then goes on to say "ladies... I know you want me and guys, I KNOW you want to be me..."

The video, posted on social media ahead of the show seems to have caught the interest of many who tuned in to see exactly what the episode was about but they were quickly taken aback by Penetrator's promise to teach men how to be men. 

Others were more keen to find out how to see the fellas in action... 

Moja Love Channel can be found on DSTV, channel 157 and Sofa Slahlane airs ever Thursday at 21h30. 

Main image credit: twitter.com