Atandwa Kani "A Sex Symbol Of Screen"

From Prince of theatre to sex symbol

By  | Jul 10, 2020, 04:53 PM 

When it comes to his craft, actor Atandwa Kani is super confident in himself and there is nothing no one can tell him.

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In a recent interview, Athandwa has confidently defended his credentials as the “Prince of Theatre” and has even claimed he is a "sex symbol of screen".

Speaking to comedian Tats Nkonzo, Atandwa was asked if he was still the Prince of Theatre and he explained that this something people have found an issue with.

“Am I still the Prince of Theatre? I have always been and I will always be the Prince of Theatre in all of your minds. Listen, I am the sex symbol of screen,” said Atandwa.

Yes, the actor confidently called himself "the sex symbol of screen". Atandwa let know that at the end of the day people will always have something to say about who a person is.

"Some saw him as arrogant. Some saw him as confident. But all... saw him. @AtandwaKani talks about how he is STILL and will forever be, The Prince of Theatre," captioned Tats the video.

Do you think Atandwa has a point?

Image credit: TshisaLIVE