The fastest film ever made in Mzansi

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM 

South Africa has unofficially broken the world record for the fastest feature film.

Shotgun Garfunkel, which premiered at Joburg’s The Bioscope on Saturday night, was shot in four days from scripting to premiere. The film beat the set record of the Indian action film Sivappu Mazhai shot in 2010, with an impressive duration of ten days and under 12 hours the film was done.

Actress Tiffany Jones Barbuzano explained how the film was conceptualised during a casual meet up at a coffee shop.  Actors and producers of the film expressed how they had found the need to make a film that pushes boundaries and goes against conventional film making.  Actor Eduan van Jaarsveld described how easily it was to make a film in such a short period of time.

“Anyone can make a lousy film in 10 days, you get it in Nigeria where they churn out films and don’t pay anyone.”

Meren Reddy also a writer and actor explained how the whole production was based on a simple leap of faith.

 “We had nothing to lose and no time to create unnecessary problems, which usually happens with making a film in ‘normal’ time frame.  You think yourself into a corner and we had no time for this.  We solved problems as they happened.”

Van Jaarsveld:  “It was tight, we had to get rid of any insecurity and just dive in.  We didn’t have the time or energy to not trust what we were doing, and working as a team helped a great deal.”

Shotgun Garfunkel is based on the lives of four friends who go on a night out crossing paths with a taxi driver caught in a love dilemma.  The film is set to highlight jealousy, love and a whole lot of fun which always occurs amongst friends during a crazy night out.

Shotgun Garfunkel has broken the record, but still awaits certification

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think! 

Source: Times Live