They're getting their money in more ways than one: Sisters are doing it for themselves

Dedicated to all the ladies and men who aspire to work in entertainment

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Thembi Seete 

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One thing I've come to respect about Nike's 'Just Do It' slogan is that it does not only imply to sportsmen and women only but to the everyday individual as well.

Having a 'Just Do It' attitude goes a long way, especially if you're planning on working within the local entertainment industry.

As you may know by now, being an entertainer means that you need to have your hands dipped in many pies. Although your passion may lie in being an actor or being a DJ, you'll need to work extra hard in doing something else that will ensure that you not only are able to make a living for yourself but that it also keeps you busy when those entertainment jobs aren't coming in.

This week, I felt a sense of pride when I learned of a few women in entertainment who have not let their jobs in entertainment be the crutch to them living a holistic life and career that will bring them other streams of income.

These ladies have taken the ‘Just Do It’ attitude to a whole new level.

Thembi Seete, Mbali Nkosi & Sharon Khuzwayo - Azuri cosmetics

Mbali Nkosi

These three ladies are not only actresses and entertainers, but by forming a business partnership together and having that ‘Just Do It’ mentality, they have managed to launch their own beauty cosmetics range

The ladies did admit that this project has been in the works for a long time coming, but because they always had that 'Just Do It' mentality in the back of their minds, the ladies not only now have a cosmetics range, but are also owners of a beauty bar.

Khabonina with the fitness - Khabonina's J.U.L.U.K.M.E.N.T

Khabonina DVD

Actress, Khabonina also did not solely depend on her job as an entertainer to help her make a living, but she also found a business opportunity in her passion as a health and fitness freak.

With her 'Just Do It' mentality Khabonina moved from just exercising for herself to creating a fitness DVD that would help South Africans be able to exercise in the comfort of their own homes.

Khabonina is also into you yoga and has taken her passion for yoga to the next level as she earlier on in the year headed out on an international tour where she and YogaRaj had the opportunity to conduct the first-ever #Mandela100Yogathon in Hong Kong, with the assistance of Brand South Africa and the South African consulate in Hong Kong.

See what I mean when I say sisters are doing it for themselves?

Enhle Maphumulo - SE Preggoz


Pasi Koetle  - Gorge Grab n Go Cafe

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Scandal actress - Pasi Koetle is another entertainer who has realised the importance of taking action and creating a business for herself outside of the entertainment world.

Pasi and her husband recently opened the Gorge Grab n Go Cafe located at the Sandton Gautrain Station after the couple decided to turn their passion into a business.

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Pasi had mentioned that people only know her because she’s on television. Which is ok, but she also wanted to make it a point for people to understand that she is so much more than just an actress, but a woman who is a go-getter who also understands that when working in such an industry, it is crucial that you constantly reinvent yourself in more ways than one.

Now for me, this does not mean that you as an aspiring entertainer should go out of your way to be a cafe owner or a beauty parlour owner, but it is a cunning reminder that when in this entertainment business, it is always wise to look at other business avenues that do not involve entertainment.

For me, it is also an opportunity to find friends who may have the same business vision as you do. I mean look at Enhle and Gert, Thembi, Enhle and Sharon, they’re not only friends, but business partners who decided to go out there and just do what needs to be done because as we all know a job in entertainment is not always guaranteed.

Main Image credit: Instagram/@Pasikoetle/@jashughatt