This Is Why Ntukza Is #Trending!

Yoh we got worried there for a sec.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

Usually when a not so popular celebrity trends on Twitter, it's either three things have happened,  a). They are about to make a comeback  b).  They have just done something very controversial or c). They have kicked the bucket. The last option rose to the top of a lot of Tweeps' minds when Ntukza, who is primarily known as being part of Mzansi's most recognised hip hop trio, Teargas, started trending this morning.

After worriedly researching, it was clear that the worst was not confirmed about the rapper, however he was trending for other reasons that would hardly cause any worry or sadness to his fans.

What had caused the social media frenzy over Ntukza was actually his wife Kacha Stepanovic, who referred to him as "My Nigga". The term "Nigga" is derived from its original word Negro. In ancient times, the term was regarded as derogatory, as it was used by white people, especially in the American region to insult and dehumanise black people.

Now in the context of Ntukza, his wife is white, therefore that's what caused the frenzy on social media because the term "Nigga" is offensive. However others were quick to point out that it could have been an innocuous term of endearment which could be read as "My Friend" or "My Ride or Die" in that sense.

The former Teargas member came out and posted a statement regarding the drama that surrounded his wife earlier on, clearly in her defence. Ntukza also gave a young lashing about people who keep questioning his relevancy in the world of music, especially hip hop.

Kacha Stepanovic commented on Rachel Kolisi's post in which she was calling out women who keep sending her husband, Siya Kolisi, who is the captain of the Springbok's national team, inappropriate photo's in the hopes of getting his attention. These women keep doing so via the DM's.

Kacha shared the same sentiments with Rachel as she has had to deal with women who were after her famous man, Ntukza. That is when an old Instagram caption of hers resurfaced in which she referred to Ntukza as ''My Nigga''.

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