11 things it takes to win SA Idols

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Many South Africans are psyched for the latest season of South African Idols which is making its way back to our screens very soon. In fact, the judges auditions took place in Johannesburg this week, and we're sure there were many tears shed on the day (Both tears of Joy and misery!)

But what does it really take to win SA Idols? Is it enough to just be a good singer? I spoke to Elvis Blue, a previous Idols winner who helped me answer this question and hopefully helped all prospective Idols entrants this year.

The Season 6 winner of Idols is back in studio, working on his 9th album and with SA Idols season 11 about to kick off, Elvis Blue shared the 11 things an Idols contestant needs to know if they want to win SA Idols.

  • Preparation is key, don’t wing it on the day. Nothing good has ever come people winging it on TV

  • Try and remain as calm as possible.

  • Be friendly, not only with the judges but with everyone in the queue, you never know who you are standing next to.

  • Don’t try so hard to be cool. You are there for an audition, you have not yet “arrived”.

  • Perform music that you love.

  • If you don’t make it, remember that life is full of opportunities. Sometimes they take a while to come around.

  • If you do make it through the first round, remember, this is only the first round, you have not won yet.

  • You need a good sense of humor and a thick skin – not just for Idols but, in the music industry in general.

  • Stay hydrated

  • Don’t take your shirt off – no one wants to see that!

  • Remember, everyone is just a person, no one’s opinion of you can define who you are. It’s your choice what you believe.

  • And a bonus 12th tip from Elvis Blue: If you win, remember, you’ve only won Idols, you have not yet arrived or made it. Don't walk into a room thinking you're now Kanye, and definitely don't ever do this at a South African awards show! 

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