Ambitiouz “Drop Outs” Emtee And A-Reece Offer Debut Collaboration

Emtee continues to be the King of Hooks

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Ambitiouz Entertainment has not faced a scandal in some time now. A fact which should come as a relief for the black-owned record company. However, its start which was meant to be humble beginnings was more of a massacre in terms of the careers it started only to have them almost annihilated when they decided to leave the then new and controversial record label.

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Part of the original roster of artists that started with Ambitiouz includes undisputed King of Hooks, Emtee, and Underground rapper with a cult-following A-Reece. The two were a part of Ambitiouz together, but A-Reece was one of the first musical acts to leave with the likes of Fifi Cooper and B3nchMarQ. But before he got burned, Emtee had initially stayed behind as the poster boy for the record label. 

For some time it did seem that there was bad blood between Emtee and A-Reece as Emtee was the one who stayed behind and for a while before the other shoe fell, had endorsed Ambitiouz publicly. Therefore, when A-Reece recently hinted at formally meeting his former record label mate, Hip-Hop heads were quick to ask for a collaboration. A collaboration which A-Reece delivered with the release of his new EP Deadlines: Free P2.

A-Reece delivers second EP of 2022
A-Reece is considered one of the Hip-Hop acts with the most avid cult-following, Whether it is on social media and how fans support the rapper. Or at actual performances, where we have seen crowds sing every one of his tracks word-for-word. The rapper has asserted himself as a legend in the making. 
This year, the rapper first delivered his first mixtape with The Burning Tree, which if you are not part of his cult-following might have gone over your head.

But on Friday, 21 October 2022, he returned with a new EP titled Deadlines: Free P2. The EP contained some surprise tracks like Something To Fight For, featuring  his brother Jay Jody and Amapiano authority DJ Maphorisa. 
DJ Maphorisa on a Hip-Hop song in 2022 is surprising but not at all shocking considering the vast repertoire the one of half of the Scorpion Kings has done in the past before finding his niche with Yanos. As such, Something To Fight For is one the most popular listens from the EP. But arguably the track which has been lauded is that of A-Reece and Emtee titled Bigger Than Me. 
Ambitiouz “drop outs” Emtee and A-Reece Offer debut collaboration
In giving what his fans want, A-Reece made the second last track on Deadlines: Free P2 his much anticipated debut collaborative single with Emtee titled Bigger Than Me. A mid-tempo, base-heavy inspirational single aimed at highlighting the grace of god and his blessings. A somewhat reflexive song considering that A-Reece had to bid farewell to his father less than a year ago, 
Taking to Twitter, A-Reece told the story of how the single came about following meeting Emtee for the first time after the recent SAMAs. The two later met in Cape Town as A-Reece offered Emtee an opportunity to smoke some of his supply.
With the release of the two notable songs from his new EP, A-Reece shared via his stories the touching ways each track came about and what it meant to him to be able to collaborate. 

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