Abigail Visagie - the kind of woman you'd want your daughter to look up to

Down to earth, respectful, driven and ambitious. There's a reason so many people gravitate towards Abigail Visagie

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Abigail Visagie - the kind of woman you'd want your daughter to look up to

Just after the first season of “The Search” E! Africa Entertainment winner reveal which was bagged by Kat Sinivasan we caught up with the runner-up, Abigail Visagie, to find out how her experience has been thus far, what the search has taught her and what she plans to do next.

Although she hails from Mafikeng in the North West Province, Abigail revealed, during our chat that she was accidentally born in Kimberley.

How is one “accidentally born” you ask?

Well, her parents had travelled to Kimberley for a relative’s wedding and had never thought that Abigail would decide to make her grand entrance on that day (a month before her due date). And what a grand entrance it was!

“Even though I was only due a month later, I decided ‘screw that, I’m coming on the wedding day’ and I had my dad running to the hospital and back to the church on the wedding day. So now, I share  birthday with my Uncle and Aunt’s anniversary and that’s really special.”

Abigail Visagie

If you feel as though you may know her from somewhere other than The Search, you’re right, she is one of 4 remaining female ANN 7 presenters left over from a group that started out with about 20.

According to ANN 7, “Abigail anchors the news for three hours from Monday to Friday. And also produces and presents her own segment, which she proposed, called ‘Face in the Crowd’ every Friday.”

She entered The Search because she also has a keen interest in entertainment reporting and felt that this would give her the perfect opportunity to make the transition.

“It’s been such a learning curve for me personally. Six weeks in a house with 8 contestants who are also different in their presenting styles and personalities has been a really incredible journey. It’s been up, it’s been down, there have been tears and there have been laughter but most importantly, it’s been a great learning curve,” explained Abigail.

“The criticism we have received can build you as a presenter just by watching that show,” she added, hoping that aspirant presenters were watching this season and learning all they can.

Abigail Visagie

In addition to stating that her time on the show has improved her presenting skills and her online following, Abigail is grateful that the show has shown her range as someone who can break out of hard news and current affairs into entertainment. She is also thankful for the fact that it has turned her life into a testament of sorts.

“I’m just a girl from Mafikeng in the North West, I mean who could have thought that I would be on one of the biggest entertainment channels in the world? It proves that anything is possible.”

Abigail told us that she receives messages from fans and aspirant entertainers almost daily and that the messages have her in tears on a regular basis. She would just like to thank every single person that has ever taken the time out to reach out to her.

“I get DM’s from young ladies all the time, every single day. Young girls are asking me for advice, asking me how they can get into the industry and being able to advise and inspire them is something so close to my heart and I keep hoping that it’s something that I can continue to do.”

This passion is evidenced in the focus of her ANN show, ‘Face in the Crowd.’ The show is aimed at spurring the youth of South Africa into action by giving them examples of real people who have worked hard to achieve their dreams and allowing those people to tell their story.

At the age of 25, Abigail’s next chapter has just begun and it’s one we won’t be able to take our eyes off anytime soon.

Abigail Visagie

5 Things You May Not Have Known About Abigail:

  • She had some part time pageantry in the past and has over 300 titles to her name

  • She was also a model and was crowned Johannesburg’s hottest chick in 2010 (Boity came second)

  • She has featured in numerous music videos for artists like Liquid Deep, DJ Kent, Theo from Mafikizolo, Psquare, Teargas and Culoe de Song

  • She was once a semifinalist for Miss South Africa.

  • She was once an ambassador for clothing designers Quiteria and George (and mobile phone developer, Blackberry).

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