AKA on being a daddy and Shane Eagle "beef"

AKA is in a different place now.

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Kairo and AKA

It’s been almost a month since the announcement of rapper Aka and media personality Bonang Matheba’s breakup and although he might not be over it as yet, he is in a different space of trying to focus more on his music, daughter & his money.

In a recent interview on Metro FM, AKA revealed that the easiest thing in life right now was being a father to 2-year-old Kairo and that he thinks that he wants to play as much rap music to her as much as possible.

“It’s actually the easiest thing about my life, being a dad is the easiest thing that I have to do, it’s the little things that you enjoy. When I was young, I got the music thing from my father, through the music that my father would play in the car...so when I go pick her up from preschool, I make sure I play as much rap music as possible, cause I don’t know what her mother is playing for her..."


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“I enjoy the simplicity of being a father, a child only wants your time, your affection, your love…I hope to raise a woman who is going to look at his father as her best friend but I also believe that to be a father you must also be feared a little bit, I want her to come to me with any problems that she has but I also want her to come to me...the way that a person fears god..."

AKA went on to say that he felt that his daughter is meant for the entertainment industry.

“I want to raise someone who is obviously, talented, musical, athletic, beautiful, kind…She is definitely destined to be in entertainment...I think that she is musical..."

When asked if there was any kind of 'beef' between Shane Eagle and himself, Aka simply laughed and cleared the air saying they would laugh if they were to ever meet up.

“Shane Eagle came to my crib to play me his album and I think I’ve been really cool with him since the hustle...he had this line that says ‘your favourite rapper is a pop star’ and I hadn’t heard it but I had been going around saying I want to be a pop star..so people - whether it is directed to me or not, I don’t know - so when I came back I thought I would post that ‘your favourite rapper is a pop star’...so it’s cool...if I see Shane Eagle, everything is good, we gonna have a good laugh..."

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