Is AKA willing to help Cassper #FillUpFNB?

We tuned in for a live performance and we got a whole lot more (info) than we bargained for 

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Is AKA willing to help Cassper #FillUpFNB?

Speaking to Azania Mosaka on this week's "episode" of her weekly Unplugged segment, the rapper addressed his desire for more children as well as an interest in working with Cassper Nyovest (which we hope wasn't a joke). 

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Amongst all this information, AKA (born Kiernan Forbes, also known as SupaMega) explained his penchant for sunglasses stating that they serve the same function as a shield of sorts that helps him get into character. Surprisingly, he shared that during the time he released Altar Ego, he was unbelievably full of himself and says he is less so now. He attributes his level of confidence to God. 

"I was always the show off in the family. You know, I was dancing for my grandparents at six years old" said AKA. To which Azania replied "you and B* have that in common."

"She harbours secret ambitions of being a musician, I think she's just living through me," said AKA. 

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He went on to discuss his high-school friendship with Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, his on-again, off-again friendship with Anatii and the reason behind their joint project with him titled Be Careful What You Wish For (because you just might get it). When asked about his next album, he said he's not sure whether or not he wants to make one because he has a desire to make songs across all genres and is therefore not sure they would work cohesively as an album. 

"I don't know if I wanna make an album, to be quite honest... I've put out so much great music, I have so many ideas. One day I wanna make this type of song, one day I wanna make that type of song... One day I want to make a trap song, one day I want to make a pop song, so for me, a album has to be coherant." He went on to add, "to tell you the truth, I've put out so much great music this year that it's like I've put out an album didn't I?"

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Following his performance of the song he wrote for his bae, AKA and Azania spoke about him being a romantic as well as how being Kairo's father has changed him.

He said that having a daughter (as a man) has taught him things he didn't know about himself. He also said he has become softer and more patient in addition to being more cognisant of the things that come out of his mouth as they will have an effect on her life as well. He then dropped the following tidbit that made us sit up and take notice... 

With regards to marrying Bonang, all he had to say was "everything in due time..." and "we'll know when we know." That is not a "no" ladies and gentlemen... 

Bonang Matheba wedding ring

AKA and Azania also spoke about the current dispute between his new business, Beam Group and his old stable, Vth Season. All he had to say was "if Vth Season is so instrumental and people owe monies and this, that and the other, tell why has there never been another AKA that Benza has come up with? Who else do you know from Vth Season?" before adding "I built Vth Season. Vth Season was built on my sweat, my genius and my intelligence." He then went on to explain why he built Beam Group as well as what he and his partners plan to do with it. 

Lastly, Azania pressed on about a fan-submitted question with regards to working with Cassper to which AKA responded:

Not sure about whether he was joking or not but that's something we'd love to see. You can watch a playback of the 702 Unplugged With Azania Mosaka featuring AKA below: 

AKA seriously wants to jump on the Fill Up FNB movement, see some of his desperate tweets.

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