AKA's Plans To Have A Book Written About His Life Revealed

The rapper was in talks with an author to document his life

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Author turned socialite Khaya Dlanga is the last but certainly not the least to reveal a story he once shared with the late, Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes. According to Dlanga, the rapper approached him last year (11 February 2022) with a proposition to have his life story told in a book.

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With the Forbes permission to share AKA's stories, Khaya Dlanga relays how difficult it was to write about his encounter with the rapper. Dlanga was approached by AKA with a proposition for him to write a book about his life. The reluctant Dlanga was however not on board with the idea, but it is the day they met and little things that was said in their conversation that was worrisome for Dlanga.

"On the evening o f the 11th of February last year, we ran into each other at Souk Cape Town. he said he had been meaning to talk to me and was glad we ran into each other. He said he wanted me to write a book about his life. "Anything can happen". Of course, I got a little worried when he said that because my mind wandered because of how I lost my brother" wrote Khaya Dlanga
Dlanga relays that they met twice on the same day while in Cape Town. The first time he briefly spoke about the idea of having his book written. However, the conversation did not go anywhere until they met again at the second location.

Dlanga reveals how they spent the night at the club shouting at each other ears, while competing with the loud music in the club. Upon numerous times where Dlanga was adamant on turning down the offer. AKA proceeded to sing his praises as a good writer that he is, in an attempt to twist his arm long enough until he had a change of heart.

"Bro, I respect you, and I want you to do it. You have credibility, and you know how to write. I wouldn't be asking you if I didn't mean it, and I am not asking you because I am at the club drinking. In fact, I will call you in the middle of the day so that you realize I am serious' said AKA

AKA truly loved his artistry as much as he loved his identity. As his book was going to talk about a number of things including being a crossover artist as a coloured rapper.

"I want it to cover coloured identity. I am the first coloured hip-hop crossover artist. I am accepted by the blacks, coloured and white communities in SA. I want to cover the fact that I went to St. John's, not many people know that" said AKA

When Khaya Dlanga asked AKA about the title of his book, Dlanga mentions it took him a good two minutes to think about it while sitting down. Eventually he stood up and said the title of his book, Infamous.

"Infamous, Yes, it would be in brackets. As in 'inside fame' because I live in fame and everything I do is in it" ended AKA

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