What baby Kairo has taught AKA

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AKA has revealed that his daughter has taught him to be more patient.

Speaking to Anele Mdoda on 947 Drive, the rapper said: "It taught me that I need to grow up... I just think that it made me grow up more, in terms of knowing that when I say something, or when I do something, there are repercussions not just for me, but repercussions for my daughter and her ability to go to a really super nice school or have super nice toys... It also taught me to be patient, I need more patience."


Daddy's Girl ❤️

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While he's been learning a lot from being a father, the rapper would also love to share some lessons with Kairo.

When asked what he'd like to teach her, he said: "I think it would be, believe in yourself. And I know it's corny, I know it's cliche, but that really is what got me to where I am in my life. You have to have absolute conviction in your dreams, in yourself, in what you're doing..."

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