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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, South Africa's first Netflix original crime series is officially here.

Shadow - starring the ever-so-talented Pallance Dladla and Amanda Du-Pont had a pre-screening of the show on Thursday night where attendees had the pleasure to watch the first two episodes.

The turnout proved to be amazing as celebrities, influencers, and fellow actors came out in their majority to show support towards their own.

You're probably wondering why everyone is making such a big deal out of this crime series right?

Well, apart from it being on Netflix, it has been confirmed that Shadow will be screened across 119 other countries around the world.

Yep, our very own locally-produced crimes series is going international which is huge for Shadow's cast and crew members who literally dedicated their blood, sweat and tears on this series.

Speaking of blood, the director/producer of the show shared that both Amanda and Pallance were so dedicated to the entire process that Pallance even to get some stitches on his fist after he punched a mirror during one of his stunt performances.

Yes, the actors even did their own stunts, there were no stunt doubles.

During their speeches, Amanda shared the crucial role that Shadow plays in telling modern-day South African stories. She further elaborated by saying that South African film & television makers have done a great job of telling the story of our past but it is now high-time that stories of South Africa's modern society be told as well.

The two episodes left the crowd wanting more as the second episode left the crowd wanting more.

So if you've got Netflix we'd suggest that you take the time this weekend to binge-watch on Shadow, it is a really well-produced series of high quality. At some point, we had to remind ourselves that we were watching a locally-produced show because it was just that good.

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