American's Weighs In On The Real Housewives Of Durban

Mixed emotions over the Durban ladies from the international audience

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Following the Real Housewives of Durban going international, it appears the ladies have strike a nerve with the international audience. There's mixed emotions on social media from the Americans about the Durban franchise.

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It appears the Durban ladies are not making the greatest impression on their international audience. Recently, Bravo announced that season 1 of the Real Housewives of Durban will be airing and immediately South African were on the edge of their seats, worried about the international reception.

Evidently, things have gone exactly as how scores of people have predicted, as the Durban ladies are getting more criticism. The American did not hold back as they took to twitter to bash and lambast the Durban ladies.

"#RHODurban Annie is really annoying" wrote The Kemy Siambe
"Ann owns a salon and her wigs be looking like that??? #RHODurban" wrote Yo Kiss My Neck
"Not Noku having a kid with Ayanda’s late husband #RHODurban" wrote James Bishop
"Not sure what Nonku’s problem is. You slept with Ayanda’s husband when they were separated. Got pregnant, had a baby, and he went back to his wife. What did she do to you again Nonku? Please, enlighten us. #bravo #RHODurban" wrote Tiffany Quintanilla
What has also been a huge let down, especially on Twitter is how South African are giving our spoilers to the Americans. Scores of Mzansi tweeps are urging Mzansi tweeps to hold their phone and allow the international audience to experience the Durban ladies organically without being fed spoilers.

"Comments by American's on #RHODurban show are killing me . But I hate how some South Africans are there in their comments dropping spoilers let them watch in peace" wrote MaMtolo
"All south africans are doing is spoiling the show #RHODurban STOP IT!" wrote Ndoomie
In the same breath, some American fans appears to be in love with the Real Housewives of Durban. Ayanda Ncwane remains the most favorite of the international audience. American tweeps are eating out of her palm and the love towards her is over pouring.

"I am loving #RHODurban and Ayanda is a queen" wrote Chris Dillard
"A real housewives with a full on black cast? I’m gagging! Even though it’s in Africa I feel like Bravo still would’ve tried to give me blonde hair blue eyes lmao! Thank you Jesus! #rhodurban" wrote Miss E
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