The Real Housewives Of Durban Viewers Are Not Happy

It might take a bit longer to get what they want

By  | Apr 22, 2022, 09:27 AM 

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Avid viewers of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), are disappointed to wake up to no reunion of the second season of the Showmax's hit reality show.

The second season of the show wrapped up last week, and while many Twitter users hoped the reunion would be aired today, it might take a bit longer. According to a statement released by Showmax, the first reunion episode will air on Friday, 6 May, with the second part on 13 May.

Viewers have expressed their disappointment over the production not filming the reunion early, but we guess they wanted the season to end so everyone would get to see the drama and the cast members spicy diary sessions from the season finale.
The second season of the show was nothing short of sassy, glamorous and dramatic. The show topped the Twitter trend list for every episode, proving that it is indeed the type of content that many people signed up to see.

Joining this season was Jojo Robinson who is one of three new wives featured this season, alongside Londie London and Thobile Mseleku. The season finale ended on a dramatic note last Friday and it has stopped trending. This follows after a cat fight between Mabusi and Jojo broke out. This comes after Jojo interrupted Mabusi while she was trying to explain LaConco's situation with her mysterious man Petal.

Many perceived that Jojo was being rude to Mabusi for interrupting her. The altercation nearly got physical after Jojo threw a drink at Mabusi. The episode also left many viewers reaching out for the tissues after Nonku opened up about possibly having a drinking problem, admitting she drinks in order to escape the harsh realities of life.

"I’ve been hinting that I’m going through some stuff… because there is just a lot on my plate. A lot of things that I’m dealing with, you know? Being a single parent and there’s is a lot on me. I don’t want to call it a burden but at times I just feel so alone that I had to really, really look into this thing (drinking alcohol) that you guys said you were concerned about,” she explained.

Nonku also revealed that she takes anxiety pills, "I can maybe say or confess that at times I would drink to escape reality and I just can't cope. I live on anxiety pills by the way. I take them to go to bed at times because there's just so much that I am dealing with," she said.

Viewers also want Mabusi to be cast as one of the main housewives in the upcoming season of the show. Mzansi was first introduced to the businesswoman during the first of the show and she instantly became a fan-favorite.

Mabusi has been serving all the drama, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats and it appears they want more of her. It is unclear who will come back next season and who will not but one thing we all look forward to is the season finale were they will all confront each other after a drama-worthy season.

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