Anatii: I Wish Losing Weight Was Easy

The rapper on his struggle to keep the weight off.

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We can all relate to the struggles of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and its no different for celebs, men and women. The industry can be harsh and unrelenting in their beauty standards. 

Today rapper Anatii who has been vocal about his weight loss journey tweeted about the struggles of not only losing weight but also keeping it off!

Anatii struggled with weight throughout his childhood and this struggle continued all the way into his adulthood. In an interview with SA Hip Hop mag back in 2017 the rapper shared about what inspired him to lose weight in the first place.

“well you see, when I weighed 160 kg so at the time like my weight size was probably not even 38, it was 40, so one of my goals was to fit into Balmain and Balmain is size 36 on the waist so as soon as I could fit into a size 36, that was like just get into one. I was like MAAAAAN!” 

The 10 Fingers rapper has opened a dialogue about body positivity, especially among young South African men a topic that has long been ignored and never really acknowledged. 

The struggle is real and we sure are glad that a famous rapper of Anatii's status is choosing to expand the dialogue on the subject matter and motivate others!

More power to you brotha!

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