Andile Mpisane Welcomes Baby No.3

His wife Tamia has given birth

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Tamia Mpisane and her husband have welcomed their baby this morning, according to a post by Shauwn Mkhize.

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The excited grandmother of three children shared a picture of the newborn's feet along with her arm showing. She penned a short note accompanying the picture and even revealed the name of the baby - which might be a girl judging by the name.

"The Mpisane, Louw, and Mkhize family are pleased to announce the arrival of Baby Miaandy. Our little princess arrived safely early this morning at 00:14 am weighing 2.8kg, mommy Tamia Mpisane is also safe and recovering, dad Andile Mpisane is extremely tired but in good spirits.

"We thank God for the safe delivery and thank you to everyone for the well wishes. On a lighter note she was waiting for grandma to come back from the match to witness her arrival. I am over the moon to be a grandma again.

The family received many good wishes from people who are excited with them as they embark on this journey.

After months of speculations, Tamia Mpisane finally revealed that she was expecting. She penned a sweet message to her unborn baby, "Oh how I can’t wait to meet you. One day when you get to see this, I want you to know just how precious you are to me. From the moment I knew about you, I fell insanely in love with you.

"You are my first baby and this new chapter is going to be a learning curve for both of us. But I promise to give YOU the best of me. I’m not perfect but my love for you is and will forever be perfect. May God watch over you and protect you. May his love and grace be the guiding force for our journey ahead." 

Shauwn rarely posts her second grandchild after it was rumoured that she does not like her for reasons known to them. But of course she laid all those to rest and said she loves her two - now three grandkids. 

In a statement addressing her alleged beef with her grandkid's mother, Sithelo Shozi, she said, "I personally have no grudges or any untoward feelings against the mother of my grandkids. She’s given me 2 beautiful grandchildren which binds us forever and I will always consider her to be like a daughter to me," she states.

"As a mother, it is my job to guide and support my son's decisions. And I would like it to be known that I will never choose for him. I’ve lived my life and learned my lessons! I will never take away the opportunity for him to live his own life and learn his lessons along the way," she says.

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