Andile's Latest Video Exposes Tamia Mpisane's Secret

He also threw some major shade!

By  | Feb 09, 2022, 10:00 AM  | Andile Mpisane  | Relationships

Andile and Tamia Mpisane
Andile Mpisane recently announced that he would be taking a break from music to resume his football career. But he wouldn’t go without a farewell gift for Mzansi, as he dropped a new single, complete with a concert video, that may have exposed his wife’s best kept secret. 
The rapper recently took to Instagram to drop the visuals to his new single, Ubala. It seemed like he had introduced the song at Konka just a few days ago, performing at an event that had other stars like DJ Tira. 

In the video he shared, one clip especially caught Mzansi’s eye. He and his new wife, Tamia Mpisane, were wearing matching orange T-shirts. But on closer inspection, Tamia clearly looks like she has a baby bump. We were not the only ones who noticed, as tweeps went on to discuss what seems like final proof that she is, in fact, pregnant. 

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Fans have long suspected that she is expectant, but it seems she and her husband, along with their styling teams, have been working overtime to hide it. But you can only hide something that monumental for so long, as it continues to grow. It looks like we are finally at the stage where it is getting too big to hide anymore, which is why the slip at Konka happened. 

The song itself has tweeps torn in two at its merit. Earlier in the year, when Andile announced that he would be going back to football, he was dragged by those who thought he had quit music because he is terrible at it. They made fun of him, saying no matter how much money he has, he cannot buy talent, and that they could not even name a single song of his, which is proof that his career is over. 

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But Andile levelled up and announced a huge career moment, in which he will be opening for one of the biggest rap and hip hop tours in the world. Naturally the trolling continued. But now some of the haters are having a change of heart as they consider that he may actually be good at making music. 

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Now he has decided to confront his naysayers through his music. The song Ubala has him throwing some major shade at those who have a lot to say about him getting all his money from his mother and never working a day in his life. 

You can get a job if you talk to me nice. Richer Than Your Dad, I Just Came To This Life,” he sings. That’s cold, Andile, but I guess it has finally made his haters respect him, which is a big deal!. 
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