Anele is using the Noeleen effect

Anele, takes a page from the book of Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu.

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She didn’t stay in the game long enough to reach Oprah Winfrey hosting status,but she stayed long enough to become our very own Oprah.

It's been two years since the talk show queen Noeleen Maholwana Sangqu ended her talk show and made room for other day time hosts to take center stage. After 12 years of 3talk with Noeleen, it was time for something a bit more different for the 50-year-old media personality 

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Although talk shows have always been around, many of the hosts still look to Noeleen for inspiration. The way she asked her questions, the way she talks to her guests, the way her whole interview was conducted made it seem very natural. It looked like the host was having a normal conversation with a friend at home. To a certain extent, Noeleen set the standard for numerous local talk shows that we have the pleasure of watching these days. From After Express, Trending SA and Real Talk with Anele, they all have big shoes to fill and so far they're doing a great job at it.


Someone who’s doing a great job at filling those shoes is Anele Mdoda who was nominated and won an award at the 2017 SAFTAs. The talk show host who is known for her bold and witty personality is showing more and more signs of the talk show queen in her style of hosting. Maybe it just seems that way because talk shows aren’t really a big thing in South Africa.

Anele is somewhat of a younger version of Noeleen. From the guests, she brings onto the show to the way she seamlessly interacts with her guests, it reminds us of those 3Talk hey days.

Anele is sure doing a great job and as she continues to draw inspiration from Mam' Noeleen we have no doubt that she'll probably win next years SAFTAs for Best Talk Show again.  She askes the questions we’re all dying to know and brings all the relevant people on the show, we love that.

Anele Mdoda would like to interview Atandwa Kani on Real Talk

She took the perfect page out of Noeleen's book.

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