Hanging with Mina Nawe's Kedibone

Growing up in the hood is never easy really, but growing up in the hood and being biracial, is an entirely different challenge all together

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Hanging with Mina Nawe's Kedibone

Mina Nawe actress, Angela Sithole, was born in Soweto's White City and was raised by a single mother after her father left when she was only six years old.

Being born into a family with an Italian father and a Zulu mother found Sithole on the receiving end of some serious bullying during her younger years. It's good thing she didn’t let any of that get between her and her love for the performing arts...


Best known for her role as PR Guru, Terry Ramotsetsi, on Mzansi Magic’s soapie Zabalaza, Angela got her biggest break to date when she was featured in local romance flick All About Love.

The film (which Angela so proudly boasts about being a part of) is one of 2016’s most talked about productions where she worked alongside the likes of Nomzamo Mbatha, Katlego Danke and Zenande Mfenyana.

”All About Love came at a time I didn’t expect. I planned and hoped to break into film in 2018 only, but blessings fell upon me and I became a part of this great film that showed in Nigeria, Ghana and even Kenya.” 

Her latest character, Kedibone, which she plays on SABC’s Mina Nawe is by far her craziest character


Kedibone is a young, crazy, go getter and an overall people’s person - traits that Angela says can relate to. The young actress who is determined to make it big in the industry says as part of growing as an actress she’d like to see herself working in big productions like Generations and the Mzansi Magic Fergusons Films production 'The Queen.' 

“I wanna work alongside more well-established actors and actresses, I also want to play every character possible because I still want to find my niche, ” she said.


Although she doesn’t see herself singing beyond the shower curtains at home, Angela played the role of Angel on season 1 of the popular e-kasi drama - Hustle.  

Angel's character is that of a go getter who left home and changed her name to Tai Chi and was determined to do whatever it takes to get to the top in her singing career. The 24-year-old admits that singing is not her thing though.

’’I don’t see myself doing anything else besides acting, on the set of Hustle I was told that I could sing which to this day I don’t believe but I knew that I needed to pull up my socks and just do it, I was even proud of myself when I sat back and watched myself."

For someone who claims not to be able to sing, she did a really great job.


The go-getter (who is usually the clown in her circle of friends) actually grew up with local fashion influencer and blogger, Sarah Langa after Sithole moved to Yeoville during her high school years. Their biracial backgrounds brought them together. 

The two hit it off as young girls and became friends because they were both outcasts in the hood and have remained friends ever since. Although we see her as "Tai Chi," we hop she continues to grow and become a regular on our TV screens.

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