Arthur Mafokate On His R56.3 Million Alleged Fraud and Corruption Accusations

The former musician is rubbishing all the fraud and correuption claims

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Following the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) damning accusations that suggested that Arthur Mafokate was allegedly involved in a multi million NLC scandal. The former singer and music producer has finally responded to the claims.

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Social media is abuzz after Arthur Mafokate took to stage to set the record straight on the accusations leveled against him. Already the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has seized a number of assets from the musician including a mansion home to name a few.

In the interview, Arthur Mafokate is blatantly rubbishing all the accusations that he unlawfully benefited from the R56.3 million funds from the National Lottery Commission (NLC).

"It was shocking, disappointing, sad to see people write what they wrote. You actually took money and you went to buy property and you did not do anything for development when they even know the artists that were discovered. All the people that we went and met all through the country, we had people like... ... let me... let me (laughs)" wrote Radio 2000
Evidently, tweeps are definitely not sold to what Artur Mafokate is selling to the masses as they proceeded to lambast him and calling him guilty. Tweeps did not spare Mafokate no mercy while inserting that his story is most definitely not adding up.

"So they bought some t-shirts, got some few people from the street, organise a little event, branded that car, organise Dr Malinga to come through for the photoshoot. And come tell us they've been at work. We can see bullshit." wrote Lebo Pat Mdluli
A voice note making rounds of Twitter provided by Zimoja Lezinto of former 999 Chief Operation Office (COO) Brian Mokoena airing some of Mofokate's dirty laundry. Mokoena mentions that Mofokate went as far as destroying him after he left his recording label, 999.

"I know anything that needs to be known ka-Arthur and how he operates. And how quite a number of people were destroyed by him. A couple of years back when I couldn't take ke decide to resign, I remember it was the 31st May, that day I got a call from him 'crying' as usual, kanti it was an issue involving Cici. I stayed on for a period of two to three months just to make sure the company doesn't under perform and people do not lose their jobs. But my heart, my soul and my vibration were not with that company. But unfortunately having left 999, Arthur kept on following me, whatever that I tried to do he would try to make sure that he destroys me. he even went to an extent of taking my ex wife's telephone number and gave it to some of enemies in the industry trying to 'cook' stories against me" said Brian Mokoena
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