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These celebs are in the firing line

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Celebville is always abuzz with one story after the other. Here are the top three rumours we have heard recently.

It seems Sophie and Max Lichaba are headed for splitsville after three years of marriage. 

Apparently the actress caught her husband cheating while he was staying in the Nothern Cape. She confronted the side chick who told her Max had alleged that the two are getting a divorce.

“She said she discovered that he was cheating on her with that woman and when she confronted him, he denied knowing this woman. But she felt that the man was making a fool of her,” a source told Surge Entertainement 

Sophie allegedlly threw him out. We hope these rumours are not true. 

In other news Isibaya actress Asavela has been exposed for bagging herself a married businessman. It seems she met the KZN construction mogul on his wedding after the couple invited the Isibaya cast to his wedding. 

After the two had gotten together, he loved into Asavela's house and the car she drives was actually his wife's that he took away from his wife and gave to Asavela. 

Ntando Duma has delivered a stinging clap back at fans who have been asking about her love life.

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The Queen actress engaged with her fan on Instagram during a candid true or false session. "Let's play true or false. No nonsense questions," she instructed. Ntando's ability to keep her life private has left her fans feeling a bit curious and that can cause many of them to overstep the boundaries.

Although Ntando Duma has never exposed her bae's identity she has shown off her guy's muscles and Ntobeko is also leading in the muscle department. She has also been playing his music in her videos on social media.

Four fans asked her about it in her IG stories, she never confirmed or denied it.

Which got us thinking that about the rumour about Ntando Duma and Ntobeko Shishi, who is Teddy's bestie from Gomora

If this turns out to be true, then Zodwa Wabantu has lost out as she has mentioned more than once how she likes him.

Another man she has been linked to is Sicelo.

People have often linked the two of them seeing how Ntando revealed that she had a new man in her life but blurred his face out. Many though they might have solved the puzzle by assuming it was Teddy Wabantwana however it is not.

"Is Teddy from Gomora your boyfriend?" the fan asked. Ntando answered the fan with a meme by popular comedian and socialite Bobo Mbele where he says 'uyahlanya' which translates to 'you are crazy.'

Who Ntando is dating right now remains a mystery. Even though many thought she had gotten back to her baby daddy, Junior De Rocka, it seems as though that ship has sailed. She called him a deadbeat dad and even alleged that he had hit her whilst she was pregnant. 

Ntando has also been the talk of the town after a supposed sex tape had gone viral with many thinking it was her. She refuted these claims by saying, "I legit almost believed that was me in that video yaze yafana nami leya ngane (the girl looks like me) but for confirmation, It is definitely NOT ME and I would never do anything of that nature.  Have a good day everyone."
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