Atandwa can't wait to marry Fikile

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Atandwa Kani  | Top of The

Atandwa Kani just loves his fiance Fikile Mthwalo, and wants the whole world to know.

We've seen the couple showing affection to each other on social media over the past few months and now it seems like a wedding will be coming very soon. Well, that's if Atandwa's latest tweet to Fiksie - who is in New York - is anything to go by. 

We wonder how the love birds are coping with the distance? We guess distance doesn't matter when there's real love, right?

Anyway, Atandwa's tweet read: 

Awww... so cute! These two seem to be madly in love and they aren't afraid to share it with the world. We definitely can't wait for the wedding. Fikile will be one beautiful bride.

Can we come, please?

Image credit: Instagram